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Publisher Profile

Hidden Society Auto welcomes articles and stories for publication. Approval is subject to availability of space in the magazine.

International Fine Jewelry Designer, Producer and Director of music videos, International magazine Publisher and Editor in Chief and International jewelry show organizer.

MARIO ARMAK says, "You shouldn't design a calm piece for a dynamic person, and you shouldn't get greedy, you will only end up loosing more". Designer Aygun Armak has been designing and creating jewelry since he was a seven year old boy in Istanbul, Turkey.

ARMAK began as an apprentice for a jewel-master and by the age of sixteen he had won the European Jewelry Design Competition. At the age of seventeen, he moved to New York with his family, and opened a workshop on Canal Street. ARMAK's workmanship brought him rapid recognition; ARMAK contributed his designs and creations to many Internationally known designers , and created an emerald set collection for the Royal family of England through Wiss & Lambert Bros.

ARMAK was voted American Designer of the year. Design and create a ruby necklace collection for Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor, through fine stores. He got his award from De Beers for his "Wing Swept" Gold & Diamond earring, with 356 Diamond set in a pave setting (total of 4 carat). That same year, ARMAK directed, coordinated and choreographed a fashion show for Mrs. Rockefeller's "Woman's Association" of the year.

The Gold Industry gave ARMAK the Merit of Uniqueness for his Unisex chain design. Design jewelry for Stephanie Powers's TV premiere, and also received another European award for his half moon diamond earring. ARMAK created his own jewelry craft school for adults, and taught and trained his techniques to over 450 students. Later that year, ARMAK was burglarized, which forced ARMAK to close his studio. But that didn't stop ARMAK. Was hired by Bob Guccioni to design a master piece for Miss Penthouse International with Oleg Cassini.

He created new collections in Europe and Asia. ARMAK was hired by Europe's largest Record company, Raks Music, to produce, write, choreograph and direct music videos for their top ten artists. One of Mr. ARMAK's pet projects is creating children's education programs throughout South America.

Television appearances:
Good Morning America, Channel 4-5-11, Canal 6, ATV, Canal D, Paparazzi Channel. Articles in publications: Hurriyet, Milli Hafta Sonu, Sabah Telerama, El Siglo, Revista, NY Gunaydin, Economist, TV Guide, Marketing Turkiy, New York Times, Dallas, National Enquirer, Robb Report. His jewels have been seen on covers, including: JCK, Cosmopolitan, National Jeweler, Modem Jeweler, D News, Goldsmith magazine, Vogue, GQ, Modern Woman, Elle.

His works with stars and celebrities include:
The Rockefellers family, Lionel Richie, Commodores, Grace Jones, Ajda Pekkan, Bulent Ersoy, Oleg Cassini, Corrine Alphen, Bob Guccioni, Fatih Erkoc, Sibel Tuzun, Tetris, Fatih Kisaparmak, Coskun Sabah, Sinan Erkoc, Donna Kerim, Kim Alexis, Robert Farber, Ashford & Simpson, Francesco Scavullo, Richard Avedon, Priscilla Presley, Vidal Sasson, Natasha Alexandrovna, Robert Le Morris, Raven Blue, Albert Nippon, Nilufer, Raffet El Roman, Andy Gibb, Russian Madonna, Lauren Hutton.

ARMAK's credits include:
AWARDS & CREDITS: Super Director Title for Music video • Super Turk Title For jewelry designs • International Pearl Ass.: Unique design award for pearl necklace design • Intergold: Certificate of merit for gold design • De Beers: Winner of creativity De Beers: Second place International award for diamond earring, Intergold: The most innovative Grand prize winner • C.P.H.S: Art & Paint Award for Painting European award: First place Goldsmith for gold cufflinks creation M.C.D: First Price Award Winner Poem Writing & Reading.

Interest & Activities:
Photography, Travel, Fine Dining, Theater, Promote & organize events, Swimming, Walking, Dancing • Help Turkish & Latin community with special events and help improve the acting of amateur actors • Interior decorating, Jewelry designing, and creating visual stories for new songs.

For more information call 1.305.756.5008 (EEUU)
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