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Reserve your space now. Please call us to the phone 1.809.540.7917 (Dom. Rep.) 1.305.756.5008 (EEUU), or write down to sales@hiddensociety.com, because we can adjust ourselves to your needs and to your budget.

Serving all Dominican Republic

Dear Sir or Madam,

A company such as yourselves usually have to prepare a cost effective media plan that will reach the clients target audience with a maximum result.

Hidden Society Guía Turística may be one of the least expensive media with the highest quality to accomplish the goal for your company or for your clients. Allow me to explain how...

Hidden Society Guía Turística is the only consumer-trade publication in Dominican Republic with a focus on travel. Our magazine is composed of 70% travel, the rest includes fashion, beauty, celebrities and other informative topics. We serve from Santo Domingo to La Romana and Santiago to Santo Domingo, that includes all the cities inbetween. Although our magazine's focus in travel, we incorporate information and advertisements for a variety of high end products and services in order to meet the demands and interest of our readers. We refine our distribution very carefully. We circulate among affluent consumers and prospective international customer of the highest caliber, not limited to travel lovers but cater to people who want to keep up with what is new, hot and hidden so Hidden Society Guía Turística has a much longer shelf life than any other magazines. 

We keep our magazine length to a minimum so it is simple and clear, making your advertisements effective and memorable (it is not important where your ad is positioned, if the magazine is over 200 pages, by the time people finish looking over 200 pages they forget seeing your advertisement). Hidden Society Guía Turística will never have more than 150 pages it's magazines life time.

Hidden Society Guía Turística expected to reach 500.000 readership and more than 3.000.000 hits through the Internet. Hidden Society Guía Turística is the only the Internet magazine can be read page by page, as published. Your add with link on the web is No Extra Charge. We also are linking our website with many major Internet companies so visibility of Hidden Society Guía Turística will reach well over 10 million. Now you can chat and also sale your overstock merchandise through our web.

Hidden Society Guía Turística is offering incentives such as free jewelry program giving a chance to our readers to do business with our advertisers (they buy your product, we give them points to earn free jewelry or vacations).

Please call us at so we can adjust ourselves to your needs and to your budget. 

• Travel agencies
• Boutiques & Exclusives Stores
• Restaurants & Cafes
• Commercial & Corporate Buildings
• Exclusives Residential Areas
• Bookstores & Services Stores
• Supermarkets
• Health Spas & Beauty Salons
• Selected Celebrities (by mail)
• Art Galleries & Banks
• Hotels, Resorts and Country Clubs
• Airports
• Plazas and Centers

For more information call 1.305.756.5008 (EEUU)
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