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Dear Reader

The happiness of others should be a reason for our own happiness. When a son graduates, when a new family member is born, the wedding of a friend, and the success of someone who is close to us. Selfishness and envy are our happiness greatest enemies, the thought of "why him and not I" should not be a part of our lives. We need to convert our negative moments into happiness by wishing the best for all others, and your happiness will multiply. To bring happiness to others brings the same to ourselves. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to enjoy the happiness of the rest.

The satisfaction of being successful is the cause of great happiness: like the athlete who wins in competition. Life is a continuous competition, and we have the obligation to make the maximum effort to reach our objectives. With progress we learn to enjoy our small triumphs. There is nothing wrong in dreaming with the final happiness that we desire, but we need to believe in our triumph, and in ourselves.

Best Wishes
Mario Armak

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