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Jewelry Trade Show Galleria

Hidden Society Caribbean Galleria
International Fine Jewelry Show

Future Show per your request:
- Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
- Miami FL
- Las Vegas
- La Habana, Cuba
- New Orleans

E-mail: editor@hiddensociety.com

Contact: Hidden Society
Mario Armak


The leading fine jewelry show in the Caribbean, Central, South and North America

Hidden Society Caribbean Galleria

International Fine Jewelry Show, the leading event in the Caribbean, Central, South and North Americas for the fine jewelry market, provides an exciting opportunity for jewelry professionals to showcase their latest jewelry designs, launch new products, make new connections, and take a mini vacation. To fulfill the needs of both retailers and exhibitors, Hidden Society Caribbean Galleria International Fine Jewelry Show A new location, new time frame and a new attitude characterize Hidden Society's goal for The International Jewelry Show: To treat its buyers as royalty, and let exhibitors show their creativity in an exotic environment.

With 38 years of expertise and knowledge of the industry, Show Organizer, Mario Armak knows what it takes to attract thousands of retail and wholesale jewelry buyers from around the world: A group of carefully selected quality designers, wholesalers and jewelry manufacturers with a wide array of unique products and merchandising ideas for their purchasing pleasure. Also scheduled for all buyers and exhibitors during Hidden Society Caribbean Galleria International Fine Jewelry Show, is a series of networking events, and a VIP Gala Party with a surprise celebrity guest. As an added bonus, more money was invested this year in the giveaway gifts, prizes and trips for buyers. Hidden Society will provide a great package for exhibitors, and pay lodging, meals, trips and more for buyers who make purchases during the show.

The peak season is ideally timed for retailers and suppliers to outline plans for the holiday selling season. The Show will accommodate approximately 70 booths, and attract companies from Italy, Greece, Germany, Spain, China/Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, England, France, Poland, Turkey, Mexico, Israel, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Thailand, Belgium, to name a few. Finally, Puerto Rico is a magnificent, fun and warm place to attend a trade show. It offers beautiful sandy beaches, entertainment, restaurants, antique streets, and the warmest hospitality in the Caribbean. Its uniqueness provides a perfect backdrop, conducive to making business travel enjoyable as well as productive. Whether it is networking, cultivating partnerships, or discussing and exchanging issues, traders will be able to get down to business in a completely relaxed manner.

Hidden Society Caribbean Galleria, is a completely first class jewelry exhibition. For more information about, please call Hidden Society at 1.305.756.5008 (EEUU), or email to show@hiddensociety.com.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Show Photos are available upon request.

For more information call 1.305.756.5008 (EEUU)
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