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Exhibitors Questions & Answers

Hidden Society Caribbean Galleria

Serving Caribbean, Central, South & North America as well as United States and other parts of the world.

Pick up your merchandise at the show or give orders for later date shipment.
Success means: Be on the right place, at the right time.
Right place? -
Right time? -
Purpose? Business & Mini Vacation. Attend our innovative Hidden Society Caribbean Galleria, featuring very selective exhibitors from all over the world and meet and do business other buyers from all over Caribbean, North, Central & South America as well as Europe, Asia just to name a few.

Be part of a friendly professional atmosphere where you can pick your best products, in elegant environment while establishing new business contacts and opening new windows for future success!

We guarantee sales for all of our Exhibitors, since we offer excellent benefits for every Buyer that makes a purchase for only a minimum of $25,000.00 purchase; our Buyers enjoy free hotel, meals, gifts and more. They get a free publicity in our magazine just to attend the show.

Finally, to assure your success, if for any reason you do not make a single sale, we will be your customers by purchasing half of your booth price in merchandise.So, be at the right place, at the right time, and you will be part of the success.
- Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic,
- Miami FL,
- Havana, Cuba,
- New Orleans,

Hidden Society Caribbean Galleria

Please call or fax us A.S.A.P for more info.
1.305.756.5008 (EEUU)
E- mail: show@hiddensociety.com

More about

Is this show also one of those big shows?
No we listen to the buyers and the exhibitor’s complaint.
This event will display a maximum of 75 booths for most qualified exhibitors. These emerging leaders from the jewelry industry are selected by their designs, reputations, quality in customer service and their ability to serve the buyers. More Buyers less Exhibitors everyone will be happy.

How can I ship my merchandise?
Hidden Society Caribbean Galleria has carefully picked Dunbar for their giant establishment in transportation of jewelry and security. As well Dunbar already having their branch in Puerto Rico makes the transition very smooth. All of the exhibitors from the last show received their merchandise the next day in their offices without any delay or inconvenience. Their services includes fast and secure door-to-door delivery, insurance of precious commodities.

What does the exhibitor’s package include?
We care and concern the exhibitor’s expenses and the frustrations of deadlines.
Exhibitors’ Package
All included Event will showcase very limited qualified exhibitors:
Booth space, 2 showcase, Corners 3 showcase, Lights, Electric, Table, Chairs, Cleaning service, Company sign, Exhibitor’s biography, 1/4 Page 4/C ad space in the show directory, 1/4 Page 4/C ad space in Hidden Society, Fax exhibitors’ list to buyers before the show, post card mail to buyer’s exhibitors’ list, display ad on our Website with Links (Millions hits).

In Hidden Society Magazine Special Show Issue full-page 4 color ad $5000.
Hidden Society Caribbean Galleria Special Show Guide 4 color full page advertisement $1000.00

Can I sell the goods on the spot?
Yes, you can sell your merchandise and deliver on the spot or you can take orders and ship later date without incurring custom duty or taxes.
Registrations & reservations
E-mail: show@hiddensociety.com
Call 1.305.756.5008 (EEUU) for your request.

 Who will be the Buyers?
Are trade-only serious buyers from all over Caribbean, Central and South America as well as the United States and other parts of the world.

How will the buyers know?
The Publisher of Hidden Society Magazine and show organizer, Mr. Armak, is traveling country by country, city by city, store by store distributing the Hidden Society Magazine and at the same time promoting the Hidden Society Caribbean Galleria. This is currently done on a one to one basis as well creating tremendous publicity and advertisement campaigns, to promote the only finest and well recognized jewelry trade show of its kind to Serve the Caribbean, Central and South America all the Latin countries, and buyers of at least 40 different countries.

How can I advertise in Hidden Society Magazine?
We can arrange a Special introductory rate according to your budget; after all, we created the Hidden Society Magazine to serve the Industry. When we launched the Hidden Society, it was never about the money and the profits. As always Founder Mr. Armak say, “First give, then receive”.

Hidden Society is the only bilingual Consumer-Trade magazine of its kind in the world, with 70% of jewelry information and the other 30% includes fashion, style, travel, entertainment, restaurants, finance, health, and much more, What’s Hot” section, “How To” & “Tips”, Designers Galleria Pages and everything else. We keep controlled circulation with much selected upscale readers, including Chief executives of Fortune 500 companies and upscale retail stores around the country.

How the Hidden Society Magazine is distributed?

We distribute Hidden Society Magazine by mail or by messenger, and it is the only magazine distributed and serving the Caribbean, Central, South as well North Americas. Our distribution includes selective Upscale Jewelry Stores with Department and chain stores, Fine Bookstores, First Class Airport lounges, and boutiques, Fine Hotels & Resorts, Health Spa & Beauty Salons, Embassies trade department around the world, Selective Trade Shows, Through internet links,

We print every two months and keep our page number to a maximum of 68 pages to be more effective and give you more memory for your advertisements ant to our articles. We will never print more than 150 pages per issue, and we will keep to 68 pages for a few years to give our readers chance to remember our advertisers easily.

For more information call 1.305.756.5008 (EEUU).

For more information call 1.305.756.5008 (EEUU)
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