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Future Shows

Hidden Society Caribbean Galleria
International Fine Jewelry Show at

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Miami, Florida
Las Vegas, Nevada
La Habana, Cuba
New Orleans

E-mail: show@hiddenhociety.com

1.305.756.5008 (EEUU)

Event will showcase very limited qualified exhibitors.

A new concept

Jewelry designers will be selected by their uniqueness, creativity and international reputations as the first group to participate in the world's newest fine jewelry exhibition. Will be for sale to the general attendees and industry buyers at the show.

"This is a new concept in showing and purchasing fine jewelry. The glamour, media and excitement that Hidden Society Caribbean Galleria already brings to the international fashion scene, the addition of diamonds, gold, rubies and sapphires will surely bring an exotic and thrilling new atmosphere to the event", says Mario Armak, Executive Producer of Hidden Society Caribbean Galleria.

Show Package Includes

Exhibitors Package all included Event will showcase very limited qualified exhibitors:

Booth space, 2 showcase, corners 3 showcase, lights, electric, table, chairs, cleaning service, company sign, 1/4 page 4/C ad space, exhibitor’s biography, In Show directory 1/4 page 4/C ad space, fax exhibitor’s’ list to buyers before the show, mail to buyers 50.000 post card exhibitor’s’ list, display ad on our Website with links (millions hits).

Click here for Show Contract

For more information call 1.305.756.5008 (EEUU)
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